Guangzhou rehabilitation special equipment co., LTD., is the guangdong rehabilitation medical association director unit, is a company specializing in the production and operation of rehabilitation medical equipment of high-tech enterprises, with advanced technology, well-equipped, strong production base in dongguan. Production of hundreds of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and personal care and treatment of rehabilitation medical apparatus and instruments, and in the domestic agent in the United States, Europe and Japan, and many other international famous brand of medical rehabilitation products. Guangzhou branch, in line with serving the public, to promote the principle of rehabilitation medical technology level in our country, and from Taiwan and Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries and regions, the quality and safety certification of the world's technology advantage coalition of cologne, science and technology co., LTD., from development to production, all products have to actual requirements of patients in medical rehabilitation industry and as a starting point, and combining the latest international medical science and technology, in the industry has no alternative.

Rehabilitation medical products with high quality is our obligatory responsibility, earnest enthusiasm service mass is our priority to follow. Guangzhou branch company is constantly growing, and the domestic more and more important role in the rehabilitation medical equipment market.